Men working at Walney

​DONG Energy Wind Power has an interest in sharing ideas for new technologies and solutions that are developed during the planning and design of new offshore wind power plants. Very often our engineers and technicians get new ideas and can see how improved methods can reduce the cost of a component, the time spend on a certain process, a devise reducing the safety risk in an operation or alike.

As DONG Energy Wind Power is not designing and manufacturing all the components of the wind power plant, but buy parts and services, it is not possible to exploit all these ideas in-house. Therefore it is important to publish and show these ideas to all interested companies outside that might be able to create new improved products to offer to the increasing offshore wind power market.

At this web page under New Ideas you can find a selection of some of the potentially new technologies and concepts that have been sought out in DONG Energy Wind Power. The new ideas are described in short texts giving the highlight, a more detailed description and in most cases also drawings and illustrations.

Should you have any ideas that you would like to share with DONG Energy Wind Power for new or improved technologies or concepts relevant for offshore wind power plants, vessels, substations etc. please have a look at the simple process description under the section Ideas to Wind Power. Here it is described how you can submit an idea and how the feedback will be given.