Low voltage back feed power supply system for offshore wind farms

20.03.2014 00:00
Men working with cable

This document describes a solution for provision of backup power for wind turbines in offshore windfarms by the use of a Low Voltage Direct Current, LVDC, power distribution system. The solution is based on a relatively small central LVDC power supply such as a diesel generator placed on the offshore transformer platform feeding power through LVDC cables to the individual wind turbines.

An advantage of using LVDC is that relatively large amounts of power can be supplied over relatively long distances as compared to what is the case using Low Voltage AC systems. The solution means less and smaller equipment on the offshore platform, and less diesel fuel consumption.

Another advantage is that the LVDC power distribution system does not involve the Medium Voltage Alternating Current, MVAC, power collection system connecting the wind turbines, and thereby does not need a relatively large diesel generator and/or a reaktive power compensation system to allow for the MVAC array cable and inrush currens when energising MVAC transformers.